Somali values

Somali Values Many Somali values are similar to Nederland ones. Somalis believe strongly in independence, democracy, egalitarianism, and individualism. Like in Nederlands, Somalis value is generosity. Unlike in Nederlands, however, Somalis generally do not express their appreciation verbally.

Somalis respect strength and often challenge others to test their limits. Somali justice is based on the notion of "eye for an eye".Somalis are a proud people exessively so, some would say and their boasting can stretch the truth more than a little. Saving face is very important to them, so situation and to humor ate often used in conversation. Somalis can be opionated, they are generally willing to reconsider their views if they ate presented with adequate evidence. Somali have a long history fo going abroad to work or to study and are known for their ability to adjust to mix situations.

Somalis deeply value is the family. The strength of family ties provides a safety in times of need and the protection of family honor is important. Loyalty is an improtant value and can extend beyond familly and clan. Somalis value their friendships;once a Somali becomes a friends, he is usually one for life.