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by Dr Mohamed Osman

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 Art & culture
Somali Poems,poets,singers and songwriters

Hadraawi Somali literacy Forum
Hadraawi forum,named after the great somali poet Mohammed Ibrahim "HADRAAWI" for his contribution to the somali Arts,is a new based forum.

The journey,is the powerful solo CD from the somalian singer MARYAM MURSAL,48...Peter Gabriel signed her to his label and even sings backing vocals on the album.The music she makes is as heady as her life story.

Arrawello:A role model for somali women by Ladan AFFI
This essay was presented by Ladan AFFi during the somali peace conference in october 1995,held in Paris,FRANCE,and was published in a book called"POUR UNE CULTURE DE LA PAIX EN SOMALIE"edited by Mohamed Mohamed abdi.Here's the article in its full form.QUEEN ARAWELLO(ARAWEILLO):She was a great warrior,and her people withstood the pagan invaders from the east until Sherlagamahdi's daugther was burned.

RAHO STUDIO CENTER:Raho cultural 2000
Selection of SOMALI

Somali Islamic Association
The somali islamic association is an islamic organisation based in Sweden but with menbers from all Scandinavia.

Somali film
Everything about KHAT/Qat/kat
Because khat contains ephedinelike compounds it seems best included in a section on Amphetamines.

Khat.The great waster of somali consumer dollars/shillings